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Love in Disguise
Kyuhyun/Ryeowook, cameo of Heechul,Jungmo

This was set in different realm of ours, and they lived with magic.

Night supposed to be serene, tranquil in order for the tiny silver stars aligned themselves on the vast shade of dark purple sky, shone brightly upon everyone. At least that was how the occasional singer by hobby viewed the hours of darkness. It was cliche’, sure. He wasn’t born to be a poet anyway. 


“Hey, Kyu.” Groaning, the boy twirled himself around as the door of his dormitory room burst opened. Turned out, it was his course mate from the Accountancy major: Seung Gi. He was a year older. “Where’s your other roommate?”



He simply shrugged, not really in the mood. “Why?”



Playing with his nape, Seung Gi laughed dryly. “Just thought, maybe you want to join us in the common room. They’re going to watch a movie before proceed to the jamming session.” A small smile plastered the handsome features.



Facing the elder, Kyuhyun said. “I’ll think about it. Thanks for the invitation.”



It was awkward and the elder didn’t say a word as he left the room. Sighing, he wished his roommate-turned-out-best-friend would just come home already. Well, technically dormitory was home. And the fifteen minutes in that enclosed space proved him all but the warm unoccupied room.



Hence, he trudged to the common room on the second floor of the dormitory building. The room was near to the entrance as the building structure of the first and ground floor were in the basement. The dormitory building was called as Sigma, the eighteenth letter in Greek. All together, they were over seven buildings with the equal ratio for the girls.



Stepping inside the common room, Kyuhyun wouldn’t say he was surprised at the sight of the other two roommates of his. Jamming session without them both would be pointless.



“I didn’t know you’re quite a lazy bum, hyung.” If Heechul was hurting, Kyuhyun had it all wrong.


“I’m watching a movie here. Be quiet.” And the younger just rolled his eyes. Taking a seat near the other roommate, he smiled.


  “Ryeowook hasn’t back yet?”


  Humming, Kyuhyun trailed his eyes on the screen. Much later, the younger spoke. “He said he would be back before two though,” The short hand of clock pointed to ten.


Ryeowook, who was a year older than him, was a third year student in medicine. The petite male was having a practical in the university hospital. He was gifted in that field as he was enrolled to the institution in the early age of fifteen. The average age for student’s admission was eighteen, and those who exceptional was admitted earlier. This not shall to be bragged on, but he entered the institution at the age of seventeen.



In a way, Ryeowook has befriended with Heechul and Jungmo much longer than him. The duo was taking arts as their major. They even performed for the institution’s big event. That being said, Kyuhyun felt a lot closer with Ryeowook compared to them. This year was going to be a final year for both of the older friend.



Grabbing some snack on the coffee table, he munched on them without caring in the world. The movie wasn’t attention-grabbing at all. He would occasionally glance over the watch on the wall, but the ticking was so slow he became frustrated.



The night passed him in blurry, and he wasn’t even in the right mind as he couldn’t recall since when he moved to the further section at the back of the spacious common room, burying his head on one of the bed there. Tilting his head slightly to the right, his eyes came across with the fluffy light brown hair.



Subconsciously, he caressed them, marveling at the softness. “How did you find me?” Kyuhyun said in a gentle tone. His face lit up. His aural faculty picked up the bass sound somewhere across the room.




Turning his body so he laid on his right hips, he rested his hand on the slender waist. “Have you eaten?”


“Why? You want to cook for me?” Ryeowook who had his face hidden on the bed sheet, lifted a bit when the younger didn’t reply.


“I think I’ve fallen for you,” Kyuhyun whispered.


Crinkled in amusement, Ryeowook turned his small frame so he was laying on his back. “No, you don’t. You’ve been saying that since forever though.”



“It’s true,”

Contemplating, the medicine student encountered. “What have you fallen for exactly?”


“Everything,” Kyuhyun chuckled lightly.

“List them for me,” Ryeowook whined sleepily. His eyes fluttering closed.


“Your honesty, your excessive nagging, your hygiene-phobic,”

“You have it worse than mine.” Ryeowook retorted.


  Ignoring the remark, Kyuhyun continued as his hand playing with the soft lock still. “Your small body frame, your bright eyes, and your…”

At one point, Ryeowook thought that perhaps the lanky had fallen asleep, but the intense gaze directed on his face told him the opposite.


“Kyu,” Flickering his eyes open, Ryeowook’s tongue tied when he met Kyuhyun’s blue eyes. It was an indication that Kyuhyun was using his alchemy power. “What are you thinking off now?”


Kyuhyun just smiled in return. “I’m making a present for you,”

“You better not waste your energy for nothing. And don’t hold me accounted.” Ryeowook stared at Kyuhyun for next ten minutes, and panic written all over his face. “Kyuhyun, stop.” Scrambling to sit up straight, his voice rose. “I can’t heal you if you’re dying.” It was illegal practicing your power as medicine student under the age of twenty-four, unless it was academic purpose.


Just when Ryeowook was about to jump and ran for help, Kyuhyun tackled him down, toppling him back on the mattress. The petite was too baffled, he yelped ouff. By now, Kyuhyun’s eyes had turn to normal magenta eyes, the same shade the petite had.



“Stop scaring me, will you?” Ryeowook struggled to free himself, but the weight on him spared him none.



“The last one on the list was this,” Kyuhyun closed the gap between them and kissed the trapped male. Ryeowook though saw it coming, couldn’t do much. He let the younger led them both when all of the sudden Kyuhyun deepened the kiss.



His heart was hammering against ribs yet he desired this as much as Kyuhyun, if not more. Ryeowook travelled his both hands over the dark-haired male above him, curling and tugging them lightly. Every move of Kyuhyun set a fire within him, spreading the burning sensation all over.


  “Kyu,” the slender male breathed out. All his five senses seemed to be failing on him. Kyuhyun pulled away slightly only after he intimately kissed the petite, pouring all his emotion into that one final kiss.

Intoxicated, the accountancy major calmed his racing heartbeat, breathing in deeply. “Your lips,” he exhaled. “The thing that made me fall for you is your lips.” Taking a glance at the swollen lips, he continued. “They’re beautiful, and it tastes sweet.”


Ryeowook’s face turned bright red. Suddenly, the medicine student appreciated the dim light of the room. Eyes fluttering still at the lingering touch. He caught the other’s familiar fragrance as Kyuhyun leaned closer again only to kiss lightly on his redden lips.


Releasing the petite male completely, Kyuhyun moved beside him, touching gently on Ryeowook’s arm bone. “That’s amazing,”



“A little heads up would be better,”



“It’s your job to figure things out.” Kyuhyun pointed out, his head tilting sideways as to keep on watching the other male.



“This might not be mutual you know?”



“Who cares?”



Eyes startled open and again Ryeowook was thankful for the lack of light in the room. He could tell his whole face was heating up. He wasn’t sure why Kyuhyun’s reply brought such feeling within him. It wasn’t the anger though.


The side of blushing Ryeowook made his heart skipped a beat. “As long as you enjoy this as much as I do, I don’t really care. You love me enough not to refuse my kiss.”


  Moving his body closer to Ryeowook, he asked. “You need to go the hospital tomorrow?”


As in sync, the petite male buried his face against the broad chest. “It’s going to late than usual though. I need to be there at two,”

Silence embraced the two teenage boys. It was comfortable, Ryeowook thought. “Why did you turn your eyes to blue?”


“You love them blue, don’t you?”


And the lack of noise from the other confirmed the statement. Kyuhyun grinned happily before kissing Ryeowook’s temple. “Let’s just sleep.”.


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